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        Stop UK Marriage Fraud

is a Campaign Group set up to Stop the Criminal Abuse of Marriage


Marriage Fraud & Crime

Immigration Marriage Fraud is linked to Organised Crime & Terrorism.

We have found that you are at a VERY HIGH risk of Immigration Marriage Fraud if you marry a Foreign National from a Country with High Levels of Corruption. These Countries are Third World for example Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Thailand, Philippines, Gambia, Ukraine, Senegal, Syria, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. 

There is also some evidence of Marriage Fraudster's from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe targeting Americans for a Green Card.

There is a VERY high instance of citizens from the Third World scamming people for money before and after they have committed Immigration Marriage Fraud. We have found the same Third World nationals who are conducting Romance Scams are also targeting Westerners for Immigration to their Countries. These people are known as Romance Scammers, Love Criminals or "Beznesser's"!!!

Our research has also found that there is a VERY high level of other Criminality in these cases including Murder, Attempted Murder, Arson, Rape, Domestic Violence, Obtaining Money by Deception, Theft, Fake ID's, False Passport's, Fraud of Financial Institutions, Benefit Fraud, Handling Stolen Goods, Tax Evasion, Bigamy, Drugs, Support of Terrorist Groups, Human Trafficking, Prostitution, False Allegations of Rape and Domestic Violence made against the Sponsor of the Foreign National, Child Abduction, Honour Killings, Corrupt Police Overseas and Officials, Corrupt Officials in the UK, Blackmail of Sponsor to gain access to Children ie: demands to help with permanent residence, Foreign Nationals murdering their Spouse then paying off Corrupt Police so they can come to the UK and claim their Estate, British Citizens are murdered overseas and their deaths covered up as accidents so they can claim their estate, and Cheating in English Test's ie: Sending somebody else who's English is better than their's to do the Test for them.

We have also found a VERY HIGH level of Marriages are Bigamist. When one of our members rang their Local Immigration Team in Norfolk she was told there was 10 cases like her's per day. She believe's her Marriage was Bigamist!!!