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        Stop UK Marriage Fraud

is a Campaign Group set up to Stop the Criminal Abuse of Marriage




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Articles and Links connected to Marriage Fraud & "Bezness"!

Posted by Stop UK Marriage Fraud on August 21, 2013 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (1651)

Fix Law to Stop Passport Marriage Fraudsters.,d.ZWU

Hull woman Elaine Davison in Stop UK Marriage Fraud protest over Turkish husband.,d.ZGU

Woman join forces to fight back after being conned by Scheming Foreigners.

Jilted Bride calls for change in law to Stop Sham Marriages after sweet talking Turkish Barman.

Tourists beware of "Bezness".

Christine Ince who was a victim of Marriage Fraud.

Bogus Migrant Brides crying rape just to get UK Visas.

Dad who rescued kipnapped son from Thailand.

Mother begs for help to bring son Home from Egypt.

Fran Rossiter murdered in Egypt.           

Terrorists, Criminal Aliens marry Americans.  

The Arab Myth of Western Women.        

Private Detective agency in Egypt investigating Marriage Fraud (We are not aware of the reputation of this agency good or bad).                  

Barry Pring who was murdered in the Ukraine.

Anna Ziuzina & the Barry Pring case.

Warning to Foreign men in Thailand.    

Scammers using Military for Love Scam.

UK Passport Holders can visit 173 Countries without a Visa.