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        Stop UK Marriage Fraud

is a Campaign Group set up to Stop the Criminal Abuse of Marriage



Stop UK Marriage Fraud also has Sister Groups who they support in their fight against "Bezness" & Romance Scams.

"Bezness" is simply a corruption of the word "Business" but in fact it's Organised Crime involving BIG Money.

"Men who pretend to be in love start up a romance". This OFTEN happens at Tourist Resorts or they meet online. For these people it's usually about four things: Money, a Visa for the West, Sex, and the opportunity to avoid military service by marrying a foreign woman.

If you are a Victim of Immigration Marriage Fraud please report it to the Home Office under Fake Marriages on this Link:

Please also Report it too your Immigration Enforcement Team in your area:

Also report it too your Local MP at their surgery.... Its important that they are made aware so they can see the true scale of this type of fraud and to help us make it a Criminal Offence. 

What is Immigration Marriage Fraud?

Immigration Marriage Fraud is defined as the act of Marrying an individual with the sole purpose of immigrating to or obtaining permanent status in his or her Country of residence & lying about the true purpose of the marriage, ie: pretending to be in love with him or her.

Immigration Marriage Fraud is VERY different to a Sham Marriage where both parties are aware it's a Sham. A Sham Marriage is a Criminal Offence. Our Marriages are currently placed in the same category but the Government, UKBA, and Police won't take any action even if evidence of fraud is produced.

Immigration Marriage Fraud is currently NOT considered a Crime in the UK. There are NO consequences to the Foreign National at all. 

In every case we have come across there is some other type of Fraud/Criminality including Murder, Attempted Murder, Arson, Rape, Domestic Violence, Obtaining Money by Deception, Theft, Fake ID's, False Passport's, Fraud of Financial Institutions, Benefit Fraud, Handling Stolen Goods, Tax Evasion, Romance Scams, Bigamy, Drugs, Support of Terrorist Groups, Human Trafficking, Prostitution, Child Abuse, False Allegations of Rape and Domestic Violence made against the Sponsor of the Foreign National, Child Abduction, Honour Killings, Corrupt Police Overseas and Officials, Corrupt Officials in the UK, Blackmail of Sponsor to gain access to Children ie: demands to help with permanent residence, Foreign Nationals murdering their Spouse then paying off Corrupt Police so they can come to the UK and claim their Estate, British Citizens are murdered overseas and their deaths covered up as accidents so they can claim their estate, and Cheating in English Test's ie: Sending somebody else who's English is better than their's to do the Test for them.

Signs of Immigration Marriage Fraud.

Coming from a Country with an already known High Risk of Immigration Marriage Fraud for example Pakistan, India, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Thailand, Philippines, Gambia, Ukraine, Russia, Senegal, Syria, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. These Countries are usually VERY Corrupt.

You are at VERY high risk of Marriage Fraud if you marry somebody who is on a Student Visa, an illegal Immigrant, an Asylum Seeker or somebody who is already in the UK on a Spouse Visa and hasn't got Indefinite Leave to Remain or a UK Passport.

Meeting Online with a Rapid development of a "Romance".

Beware Stranger's contacting you Online via Facebook, Skype, Tagged, POF, Meet Me, Netlog, Badoo, Hi5 and on various other Dating Websites. These sites are FULL of Scammers looking for Money & Permanent residence in the UK!!!

Complaints about being poor, asking for money or help! Using emotional Blackmail & Manipulation. 

Rapid Romance. Inappropriate haste to marry when you have spent little or no time together.

No real shared interests. You express an interest in something & they parrot it back.

Rapid development of a sexual relationship when you first meet in person.

Early & Undue interest in your financial standing.

Large age difference.

Even if you are a similar age they may deliberately have Children with you to aid their claim to permanent residence in the UK. They may also use "Article 8 A Right to Family Life" of the Human Rights act against you.

Would this person want to marry me if they were already a Citizen of my Country??

Very short time dating before marriage.

Relatives & friends don't know about you.

Even if the Friends & family do know be aware they may also be in on the SCAM. Sometimes even going as far as the Sister you are introduced to is really the Wife of your fiance!!!

Quickly turning to their desire to come to your Country. Lots of questions about how to get a "Visa".

Sometimes they can be more Cunning & say they don't want to come to your Country but they in fact do.

If the Foreign National is already in your Country they will frequently mention their immigration status & pressure you to marry them quickly.

Once you are married making demands for money & things, sending money abroad (often to "help their family"). They OFTEN do this behind your back and will often send this money by Western Union (Look for WU Slips). Inexplicable spending or "missing" money. 

Building up debt's with Bank's & Credit Cards with no intention of paying it back.

They will OFTEN also use intimidation to get money from you & threats and ask you to put their debt in your name.

They buy you cheap gifts and expect expensive gifts in return.

If you are already married they will pressure you to buy land or property in your Country or Overseas so they can make a claim when they divorce you.

Your Spouse is trying to gain control of your finances & your assets, but surprisingly has a separate bank account. Your Spouse wants access to your assets, but does not want the responsibility for your liabilities.  

If the Foreign National is a woman they may also pressure you to buy them lots of jewellery as it is a gift & won't be included in any divorce split.

Constant talk about applying for the ILR visa or a UK passport.

Unexplained anger & fights as soon as they get ILR or a UK passport.

Secretive behaviour - you sense they are hiding something from you. Often hiding bank statements. Unexplained anger if you touch their phone. Secretive about anything they do on the computer sometimes even deleting history files if you are suspicious.

The Foreign Spouse is visiting dating sites.

Your Foreign Spouse keeps secrets about who their phone conversations are with.

Your Foreign Spouse avoid's physical contact with you. Your spouse frequently "has a headache" when it comes to intimacy. Your spouse makes excuses for this. You feel more like lodger's than you do a married couple.

Sudden change in behaviour ie: Cold in bed

Your Spouse calls 999 after a verbal argument, and complains of physical abuse.

Your Spouse tells family, friends, & neighbours stories of Physical Abuse.

Your Spouse begins talking to a Woman's Shelter.

Leaving shortly after gaining ILR or a UK passport.

Types of Immigration Marriage Fraud.

Mail Order Bride Arrangements.

Fake "arranged" Marriages in Cultures where arranged Marriage is still Common.

Sham marriage where a UK or EU national is paid to Marry.

Scam Marriage where foreigners dupe UK citizens into believing that their intentions are true when all they actually want is a visa & disappear or divorce after the required time.

Scam Marriage where the foreign national divorce's their spouse in their home country to marry a UK citizen. When they have acquired their ILR visa they divorce the UK spouse & remarry their original spouse & petition for them to live in the UK.

Scam Marriage where a foreign national marries a UK citizen Bigamously using false ID. Their spouse is already here illegally or posing as a student & is OFTEN introduced as the "sister" & is in on the Scam too. The rest of the friends & family are also in on the Scam making them more plausible. They divorce after the required time & then remarry their illegal wife in their new ID to make her legal in her new name.

Western Women & Muslim Men.

A Muslim man would never take money from a woman he would rather starve first he is the provider for the family.

A Muslim man's preference and of the family is usually to marry somebody often already known to the family or a cousin.

Family is everything to a Muslim man especially the mother who often comes before the wife.

A Muslim man's preference is to marry another Muslim.

Generally a Western woman is considered loose & of low moral standards. This is because we don't cover up & generally have relationships before marriage. Some unscrupulous Cleric's are also preaching this which isn't helpful & is causing a prejudice against Westerners.

A Muslim man generally comes from a large family it is expected that they also go on to have many children.

A Muslim man will generally target an older Western woman for marriage so that he can gain financial wealth from her so he can marry a girl from his own Country. They call this a "Bezness" Marriage!! We call it Immigration Marriage Fraud.

Even if the Western woman is the same age it is not always guaranteed that their new husband is sincere. We are aware of many cases where a Muslim man has deliberately got a Western Woman pregnant to increase his chances of a right to stay in her Country. In the UK they are using Article 8 of the Human Rights Act "A right to family life"!!